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Adventure Guild

Available August 30 2021! Get it on Google Play

Create your Hero and send them on adventures for fame and fortune! As your renown grows new members will join your guild. Will you train them as adventurers too, or as artisans to build amazing upgrades to your guildhall? The choice is yours!

Adventure Guild is the perfect casual guild management game you've been waiting for! Send your adventurers on quests in seconds, then check back later to read about their amazing adventures in the quest journals. Assign your artisans to a guildhall construction project and come back when it's finished to reap the benefits! Adventure Guild lets you play at your pace!


Play Colorscape online at Simmer.io!

Chosen as a Simmer.io Editor's Choice title for February 2020, Colorscape is a minimalist puzzle game where color combinations are the key to success.

Through rooms of ever-increasing challenge, find your way through doors, across traps and around hazards to find your escape. But remember -- nothing is your enemy, and anything could be a friend.

Adventure Platformer

The unimaginatively titled "Adventure Platformer" (working title, don't worry) is an homage to one of my favourite genres. Hearkening back to classics like Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, and the classic Zelda games, Adventure Platformer will be a simple but engaging, story-driven 3D platforming adventure (hence the title).

Out for revenge against the robots that have enslaved the world, our hero finds an unlikely friend in a small, helpless automaton who was cast away by the very society our hero seeks to defeat. As their stories intertwine in a tale of vengence and sacrifice, our hero will learn that humanity is, perhaps, a more universal virtue than he at first assumed.

Mars Marine

Set in the alien-infested wastescapes of Mars, this twin-stick shooter puts you in the middle of the action as you fight single-handedly to rid the Red Planet of its insectoid infestation.

Combining top-down action with roguelike progression, Mars Marine sets you on a legendary path of heroism against a relentless and seemingly insurmountable foe.

About Half Pint Games

Half Pint Games is independent video game developer Michael King. Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Michael also spent nearly a decade living in Saskatchewan where he completed a BA Music degree. During much of that time he also pursued self-directed studies in Unity and Unreal, as well as C#, C++, and other programming languages.

Michael now lives in Montreal, Quebec where he is pursuing a career in the video games industry. Half Pint Games is his hobbyist outlet for self-made video games.

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