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About Half Pint Games

Half Pint Games is an independent video game developer owned and operated by one man, Michael King. Michael is originally from Manitoba, Canada but has also spent nearly a decade living in Saskatchewan where he completed a BA Music degree. During much of that time he also pursued self-directed studies in Unity3D, C#, C++, HTML5, CSS3, and other programming languages.

He now lives in Montreal, Quebec where he intends to pursue video game development as his career. Half Pint Games is his outlet for self-made video games. This website (written by Michael using HTML5 and CSS3) and the selection of games below represent Michael's portfolio.

The Magic Flute - a 16-bit RPG project by Half Pint Games Paddler - a mobile ping-pong game (gameplay) Paddler - a mobile ping-pong game (later gameplay) Paddler - a mobile ping-pong game (main menu) Paddler - a mobile ping-pong game (options menu)

Half Pint Games Catalogue

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